Terminal 3 at Heathrow

Terminal 3 is now Heathrow’s oldest terminal since the closure of Terminal 1 and was opened in 1961. It is currently used by Oneworld members and a few other airlines and is approximately 98962sqm in size. This makes it the third largest terminal at Heathrow currently. Located inside the central terminal area (CTA Heathrow) this terminal has over 16 million passengers passing through it each year.

The short stay car park located a short walking distance from the terminal is where our partners Drive Fly offer their meet and greet service at Heathrow. Adjacent to the airports own Valet Parking service one is able to access the Terminal via the footbridge which takes you straight in to Terminal 3 check-in. The address for Heathrow Terminal 3 is :- Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 1QG

Terminal 3 has only a short life left as plans to demolish it once Terminal 2 is complete have been announced. So for the moment enjoy the airport parking services we offer with the knowledge that you will have a great parking experience at the best possible price whatever parking option you choose!

Terminal 3 at Heathrow

Booking Heathrow airport parking at Terminal 3

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Airport parking is also available at other London Airports – London Gatwick and Stansted.

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