Car Transfers

I Love Airport Parking has the perfect solution for those departing from one airport but returning to another. We are able to offer a car transfer service which is available for departures and arrivals between Gatwick, Stansted and Heathrow. This service must be pre-booked with at least 48 hours notice to ensure your car is ready and waiting for you at the right airport.

Please call our reservation line to arrange for a car transfer on 01293 577988.

The costs are as follows

Gatwick - Heathrow / Heathrow - Gatwick = £95

Gatwick - Stansted / Stansted - Gatwick = £110

Heathrow - Stansted / Stansted - Heathrow = £120

Why use our transfer service?

  • It saves time and hassle - your car is ready and waiting on your return
  • It removes the worry of how you collect our car when arriving and departing at two different airports
  • There is no need to catch public transport to collect you car

So if you need our transfer service call 01293 577988 to book