Building our new website

With our vision to create an airport parking consolidator who cares defined, we now face the huge challenge of creating a website which could promote and provide that vision to the travelling public.

We had started to work with the operators whose products and philosophy matched the ethos of vision, negotiating to obtain best prices and at the same time we need to develop a website which gave sensible information about our selection.

We wanted a clean, contemporary look and feel which highlighted the elements customers most want to know, whilst including simple navigation to more detail if required. Integrating reviews for the products we had chosen was also a key requirement.

Together with the development team we spent days looking at airport parking sites and concluded that we need to expand our search our industry for the best practise in building websites. So we looked at the best designed retail sites, checking to see how they conveyed the crucial data and how they made it easy for visitors to interact with the site.

Bringing the design to life with our in-house development team has meant several hours of testing, amending and then retesting – all to ensure that we can give the best possible online experience.

By Sarah Anglim at 18 Mar 2016

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